Technological innovation is the change of technical and scientific assets used in the products offered by Biosidus, and in the processes developed in the company for the manufacture of the products. This innovation connects the technical opportunities with the needs of our patients, integrating a technology package that aims to modify products and processes.

The technological innovations implemented in Biosidus are the result of the research and development carried out in our laboratories. Each year, Biosidus invests in scientific and technical knowledge, in order to be more competitive in the biosimilars market and gain a greater financial capability to continue funding research and development projects.

Research and development is characterized by creativity and innovation, in order to improve the productivity and the competitive edge in the organization.

The main goal of innovating in technology is to broaden the products portfolio, whether it is through the development of new products or the improvement of existing ones, which will lead to an increase in the commercialization.

Biosidus uses innovation as a leadership strategy, which is one of the core values of the company’s culture. The management of technological innovation begins at the company’s board of directors, whose role involves promoting and enabling the innovation processes.

In order to carry out the processes of technological innovation, Biosidus has a Research and Development Department where resources are allocated efficiently and goals are achieved effectively. The management is based on knowledge, which is the foundation of the development.

For this reason, the management plays a fundamental role, by selecting and training a team of highly qualified professionals that work in the department. In most cases, the professionals have a degree in the technology field related to biotechnology (many have a doctorate degree), but have very little training in industrial biotechnology. In the sector, the professionals are provided ongoing and diverse training on how to carry out technological developments in the biopharmaceutical area.

The developments are carried out with transparency, responsibility, according to the norms and regulations applicable to the industry. The management promotes the staff’s creativity and motivation, focusing on the creation of innovative processes, with an updated view of the technologies available in the biopharmaceutical sector. It also aims to utilize pre-existing processes and release enhanced versions of these. It is important to become involved with external support entities such as universities and research centers, etc. (at the national and international level), for their capabilities and experience in specific fields.


Biosimilars currently being developed: