“In Biosidus, ethics and integrity lay the foundations for the development of our businesses and the interactions with the community, our team and our commercial partners. Therefore, we have an Integrity Program which outlines our values and the ethical standards that must be seen as a guideline for the decision making process.”


In Biosidus we are committed to the supply of the highest quality medicine while complying with the highest ethical standards. We think that ethics and transparency lay the foundations of an open, honest and fair work environment. This is the reason why we have an Integrity Program, which includes a Code of Conduct and different specific policies establishing the common values that must be applied to our daily work and in order to carry out our commercial actions.


In Biosidus our Code of Conduct outlines our values, which must be seen as a guideline for decision-making and commercial actions. This Code of Conduct outlines the norms that must be followed by all of employees, managers and directors in the company.

Code of Conduct
Anti-Corruption Policy

All commercial partners who do business on our behalf, including distributors, sales representatives, consultants and contractors must comply with and report any violations to the Code of Conduct. Reporting potential violations to the Code is essential for safeguarding our business, patients and others. These violations can be reported through the Biosidus Ethics Hotline, available 24/7.


It is important to report all those behaviours that may be questionable or conceived as a potential violation to the Code of Conduct and to our policies. These concerns can be reported anonymously and at any time through any of Biosidus reporting channels.

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